Australia, the land of Oz

Preface Australia is the only country on Eart with billions of different sort of visas and there is no way to get any concrete consultance from the Embassy which one to apply... Intro My journey started with of course wrong visa application. Once sorted out, I got my temporary working... [Read More]
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Disney Research, Zurich

It has been quite a while until I found the time to write this post. However, I must mention the only factor why I did not write it during the internship was certainly that I enjoyed my visit to Zurich quite a lot and always procrastinated writing. This was not... [Read More]
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Baan Chang Elephant Park 19 Nov- 4 Dec, 2016 Flying from Taiwan to Thailand was just the beginning of a new adventure. It wasn't so fun to wait approximately 5 hours for my next flight in the airport to Chiang Mai. However, I had the chance to a bit discover... [Read More]
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ACCV Taiwan'16

On the way to present FuseNet Posted on 19 Nov, 2016 This year ACCV is organized in Taipei, Taiwan and both me and my colleague attend the conference with our paper "FuseNet". I will start telling the story from the beginning of my journey. First target was Istanbul to see... [Read More]
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MLSS Kyoto'15

What is MLSS'2015 Kyoto? Posted on 23 Aug, 2015 This year 29th edition of Machine Learning Summer School is organized by Kyoto University in Japan between August 23 and September 4. Many world-renowned machine learning specialists attend this summer school as speaker. And I am glad to take a part... [Read More]
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