Australia is the only country on Eart with billions of different sort of visas and there is no way to get any concrete consultance from the Embassy which one to apply...

My journey started with of course wrong visa application. Once sorted out, I got my temporary working visa in a week and then the adventure has started.

In a rush, I booked everything and took Qatar Airways to Adelaide. In total it took me a day, literally a day, over 22 hours.

For a week, I stayed with Ryan at his cute two floored cottage house little out of the city and had a wonderful time at his place. This talented artist who also worked at the Art Gallery taught me a lot about the Aboriginals and their culture and also about the Australian history. Later on, I moved to student dormitory Kathleen Lumley College and it was really comfortable and good. Besides a private room with bathroom, I had also breakfast and dinner included. That was gorgeous food for a dorm.

Adelaide is a small city and most of it is the University. I have spent five weeks in the campus and met cool kids & colleages and I was so lucky to be there during the Fringe Festival. But the fun part, "natürlich", started with my travels. Pay a visit to Adelaide Vineyards and get a bottle of Shiraz wine!

Sydney was the first target. This large, crowded, life-full city was quite impressive and I had the most fun when I climbed the inner arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Super scary but as much fantastic experience... And then Mardi Gras Parade and Festival. Ooooh my gosh!!! There is a reason why this is one of the best parade, go there! You will see what I mean.

And the big journey. Alice Springs, creeks, pits, gorges, Kings Canyon, Uluru, the Olgas, springs and more... Unbeliavably incredible nature and well-preserved Indegenious Australians lands!

Melbourne, my favorite city. It has everything I wish to have in a city. Easy access, realtively small as like Munich, but has around 1e10 times more social stuff, resturants, billions times better people and clubs, bars and and and... I wish Australia wasn't that far away to basically everyting.

Ocean road trip along the costal side from Melbourne to Adelaide. OM fuckin's!