• Seminar: Current Trends in Deep Learning (SS18)
  • Hands-on Deep Learning for Computer Vision (WS16/17)
  • Practical Course: Machine Learning for Applications in Computer Vision (SS15, SS16)
  • Seminar: Current Trends in Machine Learning (WS14/15)
  • Practical Course: GPU Programming in Computer Vision (WS14/15, SS15 WS15/16)

Attended Conferences

  • ICCV’17
    • Image-based localization using LSTMs for structured feature correlation
    • Learning Proximal Operators: Using Denoising Networks for Regularizing Inverse Imaging Problems
  • ACCV’16
    • FuseNet: Incorporating Depth into Semantic Segmentation via Fusion-based CNN Architecture
  • GCPR’15
    • CAPTCHA Recognition with Active Deep Learning slides
  • SSVM’15
    • Optimizing the Relevance-Redundancy Tradeoff for Efficient Semantic Segmentation slides

Public Talks