It has been quite a while until I found the time to write this post. However, I must mention the only factor why I did not write it during the internship was certainly that I enjoyed my visit to Zurich quite a lot and always procrastinated writing. This was not my first time in Zurich, I was there before with my parents and sister when they visited me for my graduation on December 2014. Nevertheless, this time I had more and less biased impressions about the city and its residents.

Let me start with Zurich. It is a smaller version of Munich. Just packed around the very tiny town-ish center and everywhere is accessible to elsewhere easily by walking or by tram. I had a very nice and hospital roommate who actually Skyped with me once and let me share her apartment, Sabrina.

It is multi-dimensional manifold what makes you happy in a city. Well, my happiness started with my central apartment. It was only twenty minutes to central station and twenty-three minutes to Disney office which is located right next to the river Limmat. So, as you can imagine I had a very nice morning and afternoon walks from home to work and vice versa.

to be continued…