Deep Visioner

Deep Learning Engineer at Apple Inc., previously PhD student @«TU Munich CV-AI Group» and yet another deep earner for Computer Vision.

Long story short, I am from Ankara, Turkey. After receving my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, I have visited KIT in Karlsruhe for intership. In June, 2014 I have received my Masters Degree in Informatics from the TU Munich. Right after, I joined Daniel Cremers' research group as a PhD candidate and submitted my thesis in Oct'31, 2018.

I am interested in Computer Vision since my bachelor and therefore I decided to pursue my doctoral studies also in computer vision but this time involving deep learning. Considering my deep interest in both topics, I call myself a "deep visioner”.

What I really enjoy is basically deep discussions in philosophy and history -mostly ancient civilisations- with a glass of wine.